I personally don't have much interest in charging to look at my images.  I do this because I love it, not for money.  I do however appreciate the support that people generously offer.  I can assure you that any and all donations will be put directly back into the work that I show here:  Film and lab fees, travel expenses, equipment manintenace all run into money, which I never seem to have much of...Any and all donations and sales will translate directly into more and better art for everyone. 

Please address all PayPal donations to
[email protected].
on sale now!
on sale now!
available may 30th 2006
I'm proud to introduce my new self-published book series, coVet.  Each softbound magazine-sized edition contains over 50 images from my fetish/erotic/nude archives.  All books in the series are available directly from the artist in limted, signed and numbered editions. will also be carrying the series in a standard edition.

Limited editions are available for $35.00 + $5.00 s + h.  Overseas shipping is an additional $5.00.  Please address all PayPal orders to
[email protected]
prints of the images on this site are available in affordable inkjet versions.  the image quality is excellent and they are semi-archival.  Each image is available in "runs" of 10.  That is, after 10 prints have been made, the image will be permanently "retired".   Address all PayPal orders to [email protected] and include the URL or title of the image.  Or email for mail order information. 
    8 1/2"  x  11"   -  $35.oo

      11"  x  14"   -  $50.oo

      16"  x  20"   -  $80.oo

     s + h:  $4.oo per order